Monday, February 21, 2011


If you were to answer that perennial question "How are you?" truthfully, what would you say?

I imagine your answers would range somewhere from "I'm actually doing ok today -- first time in three months!" to "You could pound railway spikes through my knees and it wouldn't make much difference."

Other possibilities:

"I want to vomit and my ass is on fire."
"There are bugs biting me everywhere. Do you see them? Me neither."
"Somewhere along the line my brain decided I burned myself badly from the hips down. It feels just great, thanks."
"Another day, another 24 hours in agony. Joy."
"I smile because what the hell else am I going to do?"
"Well, five doctors and a cabinet of pharmaceuticals haven't fixed me. How do you think I'm doing?"
"Just waiting for that robotic body to come in. I paid in advance, so the brain transplant is free. Can't wait!"
"Every muscle in my body aches and I haven't slept in three days."
"The thought of feeling like this for the rest of my life makes me want to call for a do-over."

I'm fine, thank you. And how are you?

1 comment:

  1. I never know how to answer that question. These days it's been, "Upright, and you?" A friend responded to that question with, "My left earlobe is just dandy, and you?" which I thought was fabulous.