Wednesday, July 20, 2011


Stupid is:

  1. Missing an initial evaluation for physical therapy.
  2. Thinking that evaluation was in July, not June.
  3. Calling in July to check on the date and time for said evaluation, only to be informed that it was supposed to be a month ago.
  4. Making a new appointment for said evaluation, then finding out the prescription for it needs to be renewed.
  5. Calling primary care physician to get prescription renewed.
  6. Finding out primary care physician is on vacation for two weeks.
  7. Putting the office assistants through several hours of searching files, fax records, and computer notes for the original prescription in order to have the on-call doctor renew it.
  8. Not being able to pull that together before the rescheduled evaluation today.
  9. Missing said evaluation for the second time.
  10. Receiving a call from the physical therapy office informing me that the reason my primary care office couldn't find the original prescription is because it came from my rheumatologist.
  11. Oh, and the prescription wasn't necessary for the evaluation, only for any physical therapy following the evaluation.
  12. Now needing to call my rheumatologist to renew the prescription in order to schedule a physical therapy evaluation for the THIRD time.

Point One. Knowing that the prescription wasn't necessary for today's appointment would have been helpful BEFORE missing the appointment because I was under the impression that I needed the prescription in order to have insurance cover the evaluation.

Point Two. Fibro Fog. It's not just for breakfast, kiddies. You can enjoy Fibro Fog all day long!

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  1. HUGS!!!

    I was so glad I was 2 weeks early for my rheumy appointment rather than late. I had 2 panic moments today thinking I'd missed an appointment and Alex had missed an appointment this week, but they're both next week. Phew.

    And don't blame yourself - sounds like the pt office screwed up by not calling in an appointment reminder or following up with you when you missed the appointment along with giving you misinformation about the need for a prescription for the appointment.