Tuesday, September 27, 2011

dear body...

Dear Legs,

Thank you ever so much for getting with the program. I am greatly enjoying your relatively pain-free functioning. And ditching those invisible bee stings? Beautiful. Truly.

Dear Arms,

You're usually my go-to working body parts. It's your turn to crank out. So be it. You've been troopers and I appreciate how you've limited most of your complaints to tactile sensation rather than muscle function. It's cool. Just try to limit the tantrum to a few days? Pretty please?

Dear Stomach,

Now darling, there is absolutely no need to make up for any perceived gap in symptoms on the part of The Legs. Really. It's ok. Take a chill pill and let me enjoy this respite. No? Well, fine then. I'm going on strike. No food for you.



  1. LOL! Loved your conversation with your body parts! Now the question is...did it work?

  2. Has your body been talking to my body? At least your stomach? I hope your WHOLE body decides to cooperate soon - and for a long, long time!!!