Friday, December 2, 2011

Is there an Option C?

Can't take the one med that ever really worked for nausea because it can cause Parkinson's-like nerve damage. Permanently. Yeah, I'll take the nausea, thanks. Tried some food today. Fail. Tried some vitamin C. Epic fail. Tried some crappy ginger ale with no real ginger and a butt-load of high fructose corn syrup, which I generally avoid like the plague. Go figure. That one worked.

Sometimes you can't win for losing.


  1. I swear by ginger ale and I avoid sodas as well :-) or the high fructose stuff. Have you tried ginger tea? Hope you find a permanent solution if this nausea is an ongoing thing.

  2. When I get sick from withdrawal, I usually end up on what I call "the hummingbird diet". It pretty much just consists of candy bars and sugary soda. When I get that kind of sick, it's all my stomach will tolerate.