Sunday, May 15, 2011

recipe for an "interesting" weekend (serves 4)

Assemble as many of your ingredients as possible up to a week ahead of time so that you can see it coming. Prep the following and chill until needed.

2 sessions of contrast therapy
1 ambitious physical therapy session (3 whole laps in the pool -- impressive, no?)
4 standard weekly errands
5 days of dropping off and picking up children from school

Mix in separate bowl and add to chilled ingredients:

1 40-pound child with pinched fingers and a strong disinclination for anyone but a parent to comfort him
1 hefty dose of Mama Bear
1 regrettably long walk to the car with said child in arms, two canes, and a bag

Blend until mixture is only slightly lumpy, then spread in pan and bake until crispy. Enjoy the flu-like symptoms, migraine, and muscle aches as long as possible. Must finish by Sunday night; Monday morning does not treat this recipe well.

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