Saturday, May 28, 2011


Fairies are real. The mailman told me so. Facebook asserted that reality, too.

I got spoons in the mail today. A friend sent me a card full of cut-out pictures of spoons. Purty spoons, silly spoons, lots and lots of spoons. I'm rich!

The, via Facebook, I was informed that the playdate fairy is coming to whisk my children away for the afternoon today. See? Fairies do exist! And sometimes they drive minivans.

It's one thing to arrange emergency care for your children because it's a necessity while you get the rest or treatment you need to function. It's another thing entirely to know that they're off to spend a fun afternoon with friends, under solid guidance by adults you really know and trust. Rest and treatment come a lot easier then. Everyone's getting what they need.

So a big thank you to the Spoon Fairy and the Playdate Fairy! You just made my day.

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