Saturday, May 7, 2011

willful acts of optimism

It's not done in polite company, and it may be illegal in 13 states, but sometimes you've just gotta commit a willful act of optimism.

For example: I'm not unemployable, I'm exploring my options as a free agent. I don't sit at home alone all day; I'm giving lavish attention to a very lucky cat and tortoise. You can call it enforced rest; you can also call it meditation, premeditated napping, time to think, and companionable silence amongst fellow creatures. (Except the cat. He never shuts up.) And hell, some people pay a lot of money and risk jail time to do some of the drugs I have to take. Physical therapy can do double duty as weeding the garden, folding clothes, and using a cart at the grocery store instead of a motorized chair. High pain levels and limited mobility don't just cost me activities I want to do, they also get me out of all sorts of obligations. And how many 4-year-olds get to say that they know how to vacuum a floor? Or have their very own vacuum? Talk about spoiled.

Well, that turned a corner real quick from optimism to sarcasm. Hey, whatever gets you through the day.

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